The Toybox is a curated collection of resources to help build intergenerational movements. Many of the materials available here originated with the Regeneracion Childcare Collective in NYC, and others came from friends and comrades across the country. With the participation and creativity of parents, caregivers and allies throughout the Regeneracion network, our toybox continues to grow.

Vision Statement Plain VersionVision Statement Graphic Version

Regeneracion Vision Statement
Written and edited over the first three months of 2009, the latest Regeneracion vision statement provides a broad perspective on what intergenerational movement building is  about. It comes in two versions: the one on the left is plainly formatted for readability, and the one on the right is laid out with creative graphics.

Akila and Friends Take on the Prison Monster

Collectively written by members of Regeneracion as the core curriculum for the Critical Resistance 10 conference childcare program, this play follows a cast of diverse in their struggle to overcome a voracious prison monster, and build a world in which they can all live in safety and peace. All-ages activities provide breaks between scenes, and further develop the themes contained in the play.