political playtime! (a new adventure in growing an intergenerational movement for collective liberation)

hi friends!

join us for political playtime, our newest adventure
in growing an intergenerational movement for collective liberation*!

an event to connect the kids, families and communities that we hang with
as part of regeneración childcare nyc**

sunday may 31st, 2-5 pm
on the Great Hill in Central Park

featuring the kids' play on prison abolition:
Akila & Friends take on the Prison Monster

and special guests:
Mexica Danza by Cetiliztli
Sunder Ashni
Una Osato

bring you, your kids, your folks, families and communities!
come play!

* intergenerational movement for collective liberation means:
a journey that engages people of all ages
—from the very young to the very old—
in making our world a place in which everyone feels respected and loved
and able to tap into the magic of life.

** regeneración childcare nyc (www.childcarenyc.org)
is a network of awesome volunteers that does childcare
to facilitate the participation of low-income/ queer moms/families of color
in building movements for collective liberation.

since 2006, we have been hanging with the kids and families of
domestic workers, immigrant families, families facing detention and deportation,
and all kinds of radical parents, caretakers and kids,
imagining spaces where kids are not simply relegated to playground corners
but rather where play is valued as a powerful tool to transform our culture.